It helps providing a fresh and young skin by purifying the upper layer of the skin and black spots formed with very fine granules in its formula. While cleaning the skin, it lightens, revives and freshens the skin at the same time.
It efficiently removes superficial layers in upper layer of the skin and it purifies the skin from dead cells.
It brings smoothness, vitality and brilliant appearance of the skin back.

SYRICALM -It helps decreasing and controlling irritation, skin redness. It provides taking precaution against cell
HERBAL COMPLEX (HERBAL EXTRACTS) – A complex of very valuable fruit extracts, Plant Extracts, Urea and Allantoin. It plays an effective role in skin hydration and cell renewal. Fennel, Hops, Herba Lippiae, Mistletoe Leaf Extract, Camomile, Yarrow
ALGAE EXTRACT (Algae Extract) – Duo to its excellent moisturizing properties, its has a natural conditioning effect on skin products
GERMAN CHAMOMILLE EXTRACT (CHAMOMILE) – It calms and helps soothing the skin with its anti-inflammatory feature..
D_PANTHENOL – Deep penetrating moisturizer, stimulates epithelium, provides wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.
ALLANTOIN – An anti-wrinkle compound with moisturizing and cell renewal properties

– A little amount is applied by slightly massaging the skin cleaned with small circular movements.
– Peeling remaining in the skin is cleaned by applying compress with warm water.
– 1 or 2 times of usage in a week are required according to the skin type and specialist recommendation. Tonic suitable for skin type is applied after the peeling procedure.

– Your skin with a silky texture under the dead skin cells waits for being revealed. But unfortunately it may not be freed from the dead layer on its own.
– You may accelerate the blood circulation in your skin and bring health to your skin by regularly cleaning with CHAUDIERE Combination Skin peeling method.

– Not a desiccant or an irritant.
– Alcohol free,
– Do not contain paraben,
– Do not contain SLES
– Do not contain colourants,
– Do not contain petrochemicals,
– Shelf life is 36 months,
– Size: Sales 100 mI. – Cabin 500 ml.

– It’s for external use.
– Keep in a place where children can not reach. Do not expose it to the sun.
– Do not contact to your eyes. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
– Our company is not responsible for the wrong product usage


40 mL



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Face Gel Peeling

It helps providing a fresh and young skin by purifying the upper


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